We at Mistry Enterprises Inc. believe that it is vital to participate in various educational, health and social welfare foundations, schools and projects both in-country and as an adjunct of our normal business operations. In that regard, we have initiated and participated in a variety of charitable works.


Education for the boys and girls is essential for a better future for the youth of India. Inclusive in these endeavors are gifts to schools and housing for the regular and special education students. Our work with some of the trusts has helped to improve the lives of homeless children so they have been provided shelter, food and education.

It is our corporate responsibility to give back to the people of the countries within which we work. In India, for example, by becoming involved in the daily life of the country, we have grown to better learn and understand the people, their culture, customs, various religions, festivals, and regional cuisines. Traveling through the various states provides one with a greater appreciation of the regional differences in climate, landscape, foods and styles of dress and helps gain a better understanding of their business structure and practices.

The various ancient architectural monuments and buildings live in harmony with the new, sleek structures housing their National Stock Market, financial, insurance, I.T. plus other multinational corporations.

M.E.I. is proud to be part of the advancement of India as a major leader in the world’s economy through our long term business affiliations and charitable works.


In response to the devastating 2010 earthquake and its aftermath in Haiti, M.E.I. organized a survival goods drive at its headquarters location in Great Falls, VA which resulted in the delivery of two truckloads of food and other material to the Haitian Embassy in Washington, DC for immediate transfer to the Haitian people.