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Kathleen Davey Mistry is a successful U.S. executive with in-depth international experience in business development and intercultural activities. She has been President of Mistry Enterprises Inc. since 1990 and brings to the organization extensive knowledge of international trade development and business sourcing to help facilitate corporations in initiating and developing market share in foreign countries. Ms. Mistry has a B.A. Degree and Teaching Credential from San Francisco State University and a M.A. Degree from California State University - Sacramento, CA. Fluent in French, she also studied at the Lenotre and Le Cordon Blue Culinary Schools in France.

Ms. Mistry has extensive experience in managing export trade in industrial goods, environmental products, medical supplies, apparel and food stuffs. She has extensive knowledge of, and experience in, India and has frequently traveled to Southeast Asia, the Far East, Western and Eastern Europe and the North Americas in researching, sourcing and analyzing various business development endeavors and trade opportunities for industrial goods, environmental products, medical supplies, apparel and food stuffs.

Ms. Mistry has successfully participated in many overseas trading missions and the hosting of foreign trade delegations. She has developed successful working relationships with U.S. and foreign government embassies, consulates, ministries and private sector entities. Her experience and contacts on Capitol Hill, the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Commerce and their foreign service offices are extremely valuable in helping navigate through the intricacies of foreign business development.

Nauzer Mistry is COO for Mistry Enterprises Inc., and is involved in advice and contract negotiations for businesses seeking to expand their products into India and the Middle East, particularly in the area of telecommunications. Mr. Mistry is noted for his work with Tier 1 telecommunication companies and is an expert in vendor negotiations relating to operations and costs. He has extensive international experience in optimizing costs and increasing efficiencies using emerging technologies.

Mr. Mistry is a graduate of Columbia University School of Engineering, New York, NY, USA and is conversational in the Hindi and Urdu languages.

Ray Heyd is a successful executive with over 30 years experience in supporting organizational efforts in marketing technology products and services in US and international markets. Mr. Heyd has employed numerous techniques for optimizing approaches to strategic product marketing in the chemical, GIS, and health care areas. Several articles about those approaches have been previously published in trade journals.

Mr. Heyd is a graduate of the Tulane University College of Arts and Sciences and Graduate Business School, New Orleans, LA